Music for an Appetite (2021)

for robot orchestra, 5′

Premiered on the 1st of april 2021 by the Logos Foundation Robot Orchestra



L’Ippopotamo (2021)

for soprano and cello, 1′



Als Dusdanig (2013, 2021)

translated title: As Such

for piano solo, 1′

Started in 2013, finalized in 2021.



Six unanswered Messages (2017, 2020)

for mixed choir, 10′

with text fragments taken from Jonathan Safran Foer’s ‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close’.



Country Room (2020)

voor mixed choir (SATB), 4’30”

On a poem by Ron Padgett.



Prelude voor een merel (2020)

translated title: Prelude to a Blackbird

for accordion, 7′

Written for Bram Van Weverberg.


Lorem Ipsum (2020)

for ensemble, 3′

Written for orkest de ereprijs in the context of the 26th Young Composers Meeting.

Premiered by orkest de ereprijs and singers on the 28th of february 2020 in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

program note


Om het goed te maken (2018, 2020) 

translated title: To make up for it

for violin, 1’30”

Dedicated to Pieter Van den Branden.

Premiered by Pieter Van den Branden on the 29th of May at his bachelor exam.

Revision in 2020.


Fruitsla voor het koor (2018, 2019)

translated title: Fruit salad for the choir

for mixed choir, vibraphone, electric bass and fruit, 6′

Written for chamber choir De 2de Adem, commissioned by Het Incident.

Premiered by De 2de Adem, Sylvie Erauw (vibes and fruit) and Koben Sprengers on the 27th of May in Ghent.

In 2019 translated to English and arranged for choir, piano and fruit.

audio, program note


I Am (2018)

for vocal quartet and narrator, 8′

With text by R.D.Laing and L.Decrock.

Commisioned by Klarafestival, in collaboration with MusMa.

Premiered by Jessica Bäcklund (soprano), Elin Lannemyr (alto), Love Tronner (tenor) and David Wijkman (bass) and Stina Ekblad (narrator) on the 27th of March 2019 on Night of the Unexpected during Klarafestival in Brussels.

audio, video, program note, interview


Puppies are my Catnip (2017)

for ensemble

Premiered by Het Incident conducted by Stijn Paredis the 16th of May 2017 in zaal Zirkus in Antwerpen. Performers: Jolien Van de Sande (sax), Floris Van der Veken (sax), Job Van Duijnhoven (percussion), Sander Van der Kloot (percussion), Sylvie Erauw (percussion), Pieter-Jan Vercammen (guitar), Pieter Van den Branden (violin), Inga Sander (cello), Koben Sprengers (double bass), David Idrisov (electric bass).



Wentelingen (2017, 2020)

translated title: Wallowings

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Commissioned by The New What Now.

Premiered by deCompagnie during Mirrors, a production by The New What Now on the 25th of april 2017 in Miryzaal in Ghent. Performers: Mathias Coppens (piano), Tom Johnson (violin), Lieselot Watté (cello), Sofie Verbeeck (flute), Sven Van De Voorde (clarinet).

Revision in 2020.



Traffic Jam (2016)

for bicycle bells and irritation

Premiered by Thomas Raemaekers, Lander Rutten and Mathy Hoessels during This is not a Concert Hall, concert of the composition class of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, 21th of February 2017.


Dat meent ge niet! (2016)

translated title: You must be kidding!

for piano and guitar 

The title alludes on the instrumentation.

Premiered by Leen Evenblij (guitar) and Marieke Rabaey (piano) on the lunch concert of the composition class of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, 10th of May 2016.



Neem anders nog wat (2016)

for sax quartet

Premiered by Ensemble XXI (consisting of Rob Embrechts, Ruth Vandecruys, Martijn Warson and Floris Van der Veken) conducted by Frank Agsteribbe on the exam concert of the composition class of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, 17th of May 2016.



Ik weet het niet en het kan me werkelijk niets schelen (2016)

dubbed: Iwein 

translated title: I don’t know and I truly don’t care

for double bass, vibraphone, marimba and drums

Premiered by Michel and the Boys: Michel Labruyere (bass), Robbe Van Dijck (drums, glockenspiel), Frederik Sannen (vibraphone, finger cymbals), Job van Duijnhoven (marimba, guiro).



de Eekhoorn (2015)

translated title: The squirrel

for clarinet, harp and double bass

Inspired by a story by Toon Tellegen.

Premiered by Joeri Luyckx (clarinet), Daphne Vandemeulebroucke (harp) and Freija De Mol (double bass) on the lunch concert of the composition class of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, 29th of April 2015.



Let me write you a Love song (2015)

for piano and trombone

Premiered by Bram Fournier (trombone) and Mathias Coppens (piano) van ensemble deCompagnie op 3 maart 2015. 


delen uit Stabat Mater (2014)

for two sopranos, cello and vibraphone

Creatie door Eloïse Mabille (soprano), Ellen Delahanty (soprano), Shuya Tanaka (cello) en Ewelina Hajda (vibraphone) on a concert by the oratorium class of Andrew Wise on the 21st of March 2015.



Organic Explorations (2014)

for orchestra

Premiered by deFilharmonie conducted by Wim Henderickx, 28th of october 2014.



En het potlood, dat schrijft maar (2013)

translated title: And the pencil, it writes

for piano

A composition originated in a search for unsystematic writing.

Premiered by Andrew Wise on the 21st of June 2013.

Recorded by Nikolaas Kende for Fingerprints #2, 2016.



Het hoofd in de wolken, de voeten op aarde (2010, 2016)

translated title: Head in the clouds, Feet on earth.

voor piano

Started in 2010, finished as compulsory work for the M3 piano exam in 2016.

Premiered by the students M3 piano of the Academie voor Podiumkunsten Gent, 20th of May 2016.